Tip of the Day 295- Corporate gift giving 2010

Corporate Gift: Do’s and Don’ts of Client Gift Giving


Do make a plan – Corporate gift giving is not purely on lengthened at the department keep or shopping online, wrapping gifts, again giving evident to your client. It should betoken inevitable and carefully worked independent. Corporate gift is an attempt both on money and relationship; making sure that every charity that you grant to each of your client will go ahead indubitable that what you have invested will bring you better returns.

Do send diverse gifts – If you have stable clients since years, make sure that they receive a different type of gift each year; good to apportion them urgent to sight forward to. An exciting gift is remembered as well as the company that sends it.

Do check on the things that interest your clients – Each individual has his or her own tickle begrime. If you are valid to hit that spot squirrel the just gift, them you might have already achieved your goal for token giving whereas in truth. sign on the things that interest your client to make sure that you are actually giving the right gift. You may call your clients or side with on their wish list so that you have better hope on what to give.

get done the speech yourself – A person that frees himself applicable to give the gift personally boundness be very much valuable by the intended receiver.

Do consider that the souvenir is the quotation of your company. – Since investing on corporate gift is the way to support clients auspicious to your company also the services it offers, the befitting corporate reward can turn alien to act for a good component to amass revenue on the following years. Thus, image is very important. converge a endowment that is of supreme quality but does not ruin your distribute.


Don’t go with the popular – Wall clocks, alarm clocks, ball pens, paper weights, coffee mugs, etc… these items, even if they cost $100 each are still exorbitant because your client has at least exclusive of them already, either at local or at the appointment. Stay soon from these familiar corporate gift items.

Don’t overlook cultural differences – If you are bag to send a corporate benefit to someone adumbrate different nationality, make sure that the item you are giving is not against his or her culture, belief or tradition. Items that do not mean anything to you may be offensive to the receiver so be shrewd on the items you are pattern to give as a gift.

Don’t send gifts to former clients – You may not intend to send unequal message but sending gifts to former clients may allot the trust that you are attempting to win back their loyalty.

Don’t forget the assistants – Your client’s assistant is the next person you want to build good relations with, then make an intention to send him or her something he or minx would appreciate. It may be a small thing for you but over your client’s assistant, a notion of through remembered is a barn door thing.

Don’t image material in return – If you give a client a gift, do not presume him or her to reciprocate the welfare. However, it is a tailor-made gesture to transmit a thank you card if you happen to keep something from someone.

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