Eyeblaster offered by Gazeta.pl Group

Eyeblaster offered by Gazeta.pl Group

Gazeta.pl Group is the first Polish publisher to become a partner of Eyeblaster – the leading, international provider of tools for creating innovative online marketing solutions. Thanks to this cooperation, the clients of Gazeta.pl Group will be able to make use of the tools designed to manage online campaigns and produce advanced creative ideas.

– The clients’ expectations more and more often exceed the abilities of campaign effectiveness meters available on the Polish market – said Przemysław Bartkowiak, the director of sales at Gazeta.pl Group – The effectiveness of image-enhancing communication cannot be measured only by means of the ratios used in campaigns focused on rapid interaction. Thanks to the cooperation with Eyeblaster we will be able to recommend to our clients completely new solutions designed for testing advert effectiveness.

Eyeblaster, present on the market since 1999, is a pioneer in the so-called ?rich media’. The company provides media houses, publishers and clients with tools for online campaign management, and actively supports interactive agencies in developing advanced creative ideas.

– We are really pleased to have signed an agreement with Agora, one of the largest internet publishers in Poland. Thus we have gained an innovative partner, who delivers rich content and is focused on dynamic development of online advertising – says Andrzej Purchla, a partner at Eyeblaster in Poland.

The cooperation between Eyeblaster and Gazeta.pl Group began in September last year at the MSN.gazeta.pl service. Now it has been extended to the whole range of the Group’s products. In 2009 over 8500 brands, serviced by nearly 3400 agencies and 5200 publishers in 45 countries worldwide, including e.g. Yahoo!, MSN and MySpace, benefited from Eyeblaster products.

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