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Change within the Executive Committee of Kredyt Bank

Mrs. Lidia Jablonowska-Luba, currently Vice-President of Kredyt Bank and responsible for finance and risk division (CFRO) has accepted an offer from the KBC Group to take up a senior position within the KBC Group at its headquarters in Brussels (Belgium). As of March 15, 2010 Lidia Jablonowska-Luba will become Senior General Manager Value and Risk Management for KBC Group. She will be responsible for risk and capital management for KBC Group and will report into the Chief Risk Officer of KBC Group.

Moreover, a decision was taken to split the CFRO position at Kredyt Bank into two roles, i.e a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Risk Officer (CRO).

During its meeting of 6 November 2009 the Supervisory Board of Kredyt Bank has appointed Mr. Umberto Arts, currently responsible for Banking and Investment products division as well as ICT division at Kredyt Bank to the position of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Vice-President of the Management Board. The approval procedure by KNF, the Polish financial regulator, is in progress.

The CEO, Mr Maciej Bardan will temporarily take responsibilities of CFO till vacancy is filled.

The Supervisory Board of Kredyt Bank wishes to take the opportunity to express its sincere gratitude to Lidia for her dedication to Kredyt Bank and to congratulate her and Umberto on their new assignment.

Mrs Lidia Jablonowska-Luba graduated from Mathematics Institute of Gdansk University obtaining a master degree. In the years 1994-2001 she was Vice President of Schroder Salomon Smith Barney Polska, being involved in mergers, acquisitions and privatization cases.

In 2002 she assumed the position of the Head of Financial Institutions & Public Sector Division in Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. responsible for marketing and risk management for banks, insurance companies, pension and investment funds as well as public sector institutions. From November 2003 to March 2008 she was a Member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. She was responsible for the Bank’s finance from the management and legal regulations point of view, operating risk management, equity management and implementation of the New Basel Capital Accord.

In April, 2008, Mrs. Lidia Jablonowska-Luba joined KBC Group. She was appointed Chief Finance and Risk Officer and Vice President of the Management Board of Kredyt Bank.

Umberto Arts (born in 1959) graduated in Applied Economic Sciences from Leuven University in 1983 and joined Kredietbank (now KBC) in the same year. He worked in London as a Trader and Deputy Treasurer, moved in 1993 to Singapore as Treasurer, and in 1996 became General Manager of Kredietbank Hong Kong, which became KBC Hong Kong in 1998. He was subsequently elected to the Executive Committee and was appointed Chairman of the Belgian Business Chamber in Hong Kong, a position he continued for the Belgian Business Chamber in London. In 2000 he became General Manager of KBC UK and was Member of the Supervisory Board of both KBC Lease UK and KBC Asset Management UK. Since 2006 he has been a Member of the Management Board of Kredyt Bank in Poland.

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