Ad-Index for the first time in Poland, offered by Group

Since March the clients of Group may make use of the advanced methodology of online advertising effectiveness assessment – Ad-Index, developed by Dynamic Logic and implemented in Poland by MillwardBrown SMG/KRC. Ad-Index allows to research the impact of advertising on consumer opinions and behaviours.

Ad-Index is used for measuring graphic advertising formats (i.e. banners), advertising in games, video commercials, and the so-called rich media formats. The measurement is conducted simultaneously with online campaign and allows to determine the impact of advertising on consumer opinions and behaviours, by means of such indicators of brand perception, as brand awareness, message relation, attributes ascribed to the advertised product, consumer preferences and intention to buy.

– The experiences of Dynamic Logic show, that only a minor fraction of the wide group of recipients click the advertisements. The question remains: what about the remaining 99.8%? They surely do notice the advertising as well, and the fact, that they do not click does not mean that there is no impact. That is why we want to provide our clients with a possibility to expand their knowledge on how their advertising message influences the recipient – says Przemysław Bartkowiak, director of sales at Group.

Ad-Index is based on the classic method of a psychological experiment. Two groups are researched throughout the campaign: the control group (consisting of users, on whose computers the examined advertisement was not displayed) and the experimental group (users who during their online activity encountered displays of the tested advertisement).

– AdIndex allows for assessing the campaign by means of phrases characteristic of a typical brand asset valuation, and thus on-line advertising has finally been provided with an efficient evaluation tool. It is totally understandable considering the ever increasing significance of the Internet as an advertising medium – says Izabella Anuszewska, Research Unit Director at MillwardBrown SMG/KRC.

Ad-Index allows, among others, to:
– determine the impact of the campaign on brand perception in the entire population and in target groups,
– compare it to other campaigns,
– determine the optimum broadcast frequency and most effective format/creative idea,
– highlight key factors determining campaign effectiveness as well as most effective aspects of the campaign.

Should advertisers be willing to make use of this methodology, they may contact the sales department of Group prior to the commencement of the campaign.

Dynamic Logic, the co-creator of the methodology, has been an expert on online advertising effectiveness research since 1999. Since then the company has researched over 3.5 thousand campaigns worldwide. MillwardBrown SMG/KRC is responsible for modifying the standard to Polish market conditions and is an exclusive licensee of the Ad-Index method.

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